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USA Today bestselling author Peggy Webb writes romance, women’s fiction, literary fiction and cozies. Her popular Southern Cousins Mystery series earned her the title “comic genius” from her peers.

The Sweetest Hallelujah (MIRA, 2013), a literary fiction novel written under her pen name, Elaine Hussey, quickly became a reader favorite and received critical acclaim. From David Seaman: “To those who would say it’s blasphemy to place Harper Lee and Elaine Hussey in the same category, I say, read this book.” From J.K: “This one will blow your socks off.” From Book Lover: “I place this book up there with the great Southern novels.” Look for Elaine’s second book August 1, 2014: The Oleander Sisters.

Peggy’s literary fiction novel The Tender Mercy of Roses (Simon and Schuster,2011), written as Anna Michaels was called “astonishing” by Pat Conroy. The Language of Silence is coming soon under Peggy’s own name.

A former adjunct instructor at Mississippi State University, Peggy likes to describe herself as “Southern to the bone and a pillar of the church and community.” Her friends say she is as down-to-earth as the characters in her books and the roles she plays onstage at Tupelo Community Theater. She readily admits to being part Callie in the Southern Cousins Mystery series and part Maggie in her Pulitzer nominated novel Driving Me Crazy (2006). She even confesses she saw herself in her stage roles as M’Lynn in “Steel Magnolias” and The White Witch in “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” But she denies being the model for characters in Confessions of a Not So Dead Libido.

“I am compelled to write,” she says. “My muse won’t let me remain idle.” Peggy’s body of work is a stunning testament to her muse: 71 novels, numerous blues songs, more than 200 magazine humor columns and two screenplays.

In addition to her literary and mystery works in progress, Peggy is editing/revising her early romances. “I’m delighted to bring these timeless love stories back to you. What fun to get reacquainted with feisty, independent heroines and strong, sexy heroes!”

In a career that spans nearly 30 years, this native Mississippian has seen millions of her books in print in more than 17 languages. Acclaimed by both fans and reviewers, Peggy’s novels consistently aapear on bestseller lists and garner awards. In 2009, Peggy received Romantic Times prestigious “Pioneer” award. Dubbed Queen of Comedy by her fans, Peggy forged the way for romantic comedy.

She went back to her comedy roots with her mystery series. Her fans say, “To read a Peggy Webb novel is to howl with laughter.” Her classic romances are also big hits with her fans, especially the hilarious Duplicity, the groundbreaking A Prince for Jenny and the time-travel, Night of the Dragon.

Although Peggy says she’s “just a farm girl who loves music and words,” to fans she’s the writer who makes them laugh, makes them cry and makes them ask, “Who is Rainman?”

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